Jason’s Story


"St. Patrick Center gave me hope when I had none."

A bad job and a bad relationship added up to homelessness for Jason, a veteran who struggled with alcohol abuse. An honorably discharged vet, Jason says he didn’t know he was entitled to VA benefits. “I was sleeping outside under a truck camper. I felt so miserable and hopeless. My two biggest fears were dying and living.”

After a stay at the VA hospital, Jason moved into the Domiciliary. While living there, he met a St. Patrick Center case manager who helped him get accepted into the JET employment program. The story gets better from here: Jason attended JET classes for just two weeks when he got a paid internship with another nonprofit, The Mission Continues! “It’s kind of interesting that in the two weeks I was with JET, I learned to use Microsoft Excel, and now I use that every day in my work.”

Jason continues to make improvements to his life. He has moved into an apartment through SPC’s Project HERO program. He has been baptized and gone back to school, on scholarship, to be a Baptist minister. And he has given speeches at veteran events and is training with another agency to provide peer support to veterans in need.

“I love St. Patrick Center’s slogan – building permanent, positive change – because that’s what I’ve done… I’ve taken their help, changed my life and now I want to give back to others!”